International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

In celebration of Women everywhere, “Strength Becomes Her” launched today exclusively on Amazon and made available for Kindle readers and apps.

I’m so honored to be a part of this book. To be included among such an incredible and talented group of women has been very inspiring.

“Strength Becomes Her – Eight Essays of Resilience, Perseverance & Self-Love” is a colorful collection of 8 essays that shares the timeless wisdom which has passed from mother to daughter for generations. These are true stories of women who, in the midst of life’s toughest decisions, push fear out of the way and face the never-ending challenge of raising a family and forging a career. Then, when the seasons of life transform, they prove that it takes much more strength to let go than it does to hang on. These eight authors celebrate both the femininity and the fortitude of women who not only take a stand, they also rise up, dig deep and live out loud.


It is $2.99 through Amazon and can be purchased using this link-

All proceeds go to benefit Women’s Wellness non-profit organizations selected by the publisher and authors including one or more of the following:

What people are saying:

“Poignant and inspiring stories. Would recommend for daughters and mothers. A great gift to celebrate the women in your life.” 
“Touching and inspiring. Excellent read!” 

Please download a copy and celebrate the women in your life!

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