Finding My Footing

I’m in the middle of writing the book proposal for my memoir, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. Why does my story need to be told? Why will people care? I feel like I’m out in the water flapping around trying to figure out my footing. It reminds me of this time I was in Thailand.

I had hopped onto a tiny plane and headed south to Koh Samui, an island off the east coast. I rented a one room bungalow hut right on the beach. It was the best $15/ night I had every spent. Each morning I would roll out of bed, throw on my bathing suit and walk 10 steps to the warm shallow Gulf. One day I was laying on my back in the shallow waters propped up on my elbows letting the waves roll up over me, taking in the peacefulness when before I knew it a wave came and grabbed me and tossed me into a somersault below the surface. The top of my aqua blue string bikini went flying off. I scrambled to find my footing but as soon as I did another wave came and took me around again, further out into the water I went. I yelped for someone to help me but the beach was so scarce that the beachgoers down the way didn’t hear my cries.

“Miss! Miss!” I caught a glimpse of a man in the corner of my eye coming to the shoreline.

Oh thank god.

Just then the water calmed down and I caught my footing.

I pulled myself up into the shallow waters as he waded closer to me.

“Miss! Miss!”

I reached my arm out. I thought he was holding out his hand to grab mine but instead he held out something else. An arm full of tapestries for sale.

“No, no thank you.” I stood there topless covering myself with my arm and trying to catch my breath.

He snarled at me and turned away.

I don’t know what the lesson in that is. Maybe it’s that the water will calm down and I will find my footing? Anyway, wish me luck 🙂





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