Starting with Sorry…

A Canadian born and bred, after living in the united states for years (and becoming an American Citizen) I missed being sorry. Yes, it’s true, we apologize for everything. I’m sorry even when I have no idea why. I’m sorry when I didn’t hear what you said, “Sorry?” I’m sorry when I’m coming out and you’re coming in, “Oops, sorry!”, I’m even sorry when I’m asking my server for another drink, “Sorry, can I grab another one?”.

It’s in my blood to be sorry. When I fly in and land on Canadian soil I’m always immediately thankful to be ‘sorry’ again. And not ‘Saree’, like some Americans say it (I am not referring to a woman’s garb!) I am SORRY!!!

I’m sorry I shouted at you. And I’m sorry to my U.S. friends, I just miss being sorry.

Anyway, it only felt right to start my first ever blog with an apology.

Since I’m currently in Toronto, Canada (my hometown), I’m going to host a little event so we can all rejoice and be sorry together! Join in the fun. I’ll post up a ‘Wall of Apologies’ curated from my own personal apologies and those I receive through this anonymous online forum-

Event Details:

Starting with Sorry
Tuesday September 27th, 7-9p.m.
An Interactive Art Exhibit
Hosted at Hashtag Gallery, 830 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON.
Admission is free.

I’ll post pictures and blog about it so everyone can participate near & far.

So, here goes. I have a lot to apologize for. Some things are truly apologies, some are more regrets, either way, here’s what I’ll start with-

I’m sorry I sometimes lose patience with my mother, I’m sorry I took the bigger slice of cake, I’m sorry I don’t like olives- I’ve really tried, I’m sorry my sister-in-law and I don’t get along, I’m sorry I made the gardener clean up all the dead half-eaten birds my cat left in the bushes, I’m sorry I have a massive secret I can’t tell you, I’m sorry I conceded and let that dentist off the hook, I’m sorry I never told my parents that he kissed me, I’m sorry I broke up with you on your voicemail, I’m sorry I dated your brother, I’m sorry I broke into your house, I’m sorry I stole the cigarettes, I’m sorry I lied about stealing the cigarettes, I’m sorry I left in the middle of the night and moved to a new country, I’m sorry I ate the cookie you were saving, I’m sorry I wasted so much time trying to make you be a good father, I’m sorry I got suckered into inviting you to our wedding only to have you tell me you couldn’t make it, I’m sorry I rode on an elephant and in a horse carriage- it was before I knew better.

Ready to add your own? Click here to anonymously add your apologies or regrets to the wall and set them free-

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