Things to do in my ‘favorite’ cities…

So, I feel like I’ll need a break from drudging up my past and dealing with my present, so this category is where I can lighten up and talk about fun stuff, like places to check out, restaurants I like, or new art exhibits and theater shows I’d recommend.

For now, I’ll be mostly focusing on Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, Canada. Those are the three cities I spend most of my time in.

I’ve spent many years traveling abroad, so when I say ‘my favorite cities’, take that with a grain of salt. If I really had to rate my favorite cities, Paris would be in there and L.A. wouldn’t even make my top twenty. And I know I have more traveling to do, I haven’t even been to Reykjavik, Seoul or Agra, so how can I really have a list of favorites yet anyway.

I’m on yelp, so if you like to check out new restaurants friend me and I’ll friend you back so we can swap recommendations. There’s a link to my Yelp reviews on the footer beside my social media icons, if you’re interested.



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